In recent years, big names such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon ... were used and provide services based on cloud technology. Cloud computing technology will bring many benefits to the brand now, but has the potential trouble will make these brands have become treasured. In the present article will summarize and analyze the application of the pros and cons of cloud computing technology.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Advantages of cloud computing:

With the following advantages helped cloud technology becomes technology model is widely used around the world.

- Fast processing speeds, the same kind of bandwidth package but when using cloud model will speed access much faster than the VPS servers, providing users with the best quality service cost is completely free.

- For enterprises using cloud technology will reduce the cost of the initial investment in infrastructure, besides the cost as machines and human resources will also be reduced to the minimum .

- Eliminate the element of physics and geography, with cyberspace will allow users to access and use the system over the Internet from anywhere and on any device they use.

- With the capability handy, plus cloud technologies fit many models work, can apply to many business areas. To meet the needs of rough spectrum of the needs of business and scientific research ...

- Scalability and narrow and fast, avoid squandering resources or shortage of work when implemented, help to improve the quality of services provided in the cloud.

- With 3-layer model of cloud computing, security capabilities are turned relatively stable.

- The applications deployed on cloud platforms easy to repair and improve the features, because they are not installed on a computer fixed yet.

The downside of the Cloud:

However, computer models are still suffering from a number of disadvantages:

In general, the cloud computing model biggest drawback is the problem of security and privacy of users, besides the data loss problem may occur when system errors, being the organized hacker attack harassment deprives users but also suppliers also inevitable. Whether that is technologically advanced super expensive accomodating and quick access, but overcrowding is still probable that some activities be halted. But this is also a common drawback commonly found in virtual server line before.

Another issue related to the supplier, the customer wants to change supplier, the change of the cloud is relatively tired, so you are likely to sell extra heavily on suppliers and almost very few doubted that would change suppliers when there will be a lot of problems occur when doing this.

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