Intel has introduced a cloud storage service based on a new storage solution with Atom processor chip, meet the needs of small businesses and consumers. Suitable for those who have multiple data or move much.

Atom solution for Cloud Computing

For users of the computer equipment, the data source information is stored on the machine's most valuable assets. Computers can be damaged, but certain data are not lost. And with the pace of development of information technology sector outstanding today, should have a tech support people to manage huge amounts of information. Intel's latest move shows that the company is trying to focus on the protection of privacy with the new NAS device with automatic backup functions as well as the ability to share files between users safely whole and individual.

Today users can store a lot of information and data such as images, video, film, music with an extremely large capacity. When using your phone or tablet, photography, averaging a photograph of 3 MB capacity, video recording, the space occupied will be much higher, possibly up to even if you do not compress TB.

These products are essentially Intel announced that the network storage device (NAS) operates on the Intel Atom processor D2550 or D2500. This is the equipment for the security services, storage and sharing content via the cloud. Atom is the foundation to serve small businesses and consumers to manage the storage needs time growing up, the system built on the Atom also has compatibility and support multimedia programs like McAfee AntiVirus against malicious code and VirusScan. To use, simply open a web browser on a mobile device or on any desktop and laptop can do is log on to the data on the system.

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