The data are valuable assets for every individual and every business. If you do not want a beautiful day that all data stored on your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone even evaporation loss due to computer crashes or stolen, you need to back-up data.

Backup Data Online

So what is Back-up data?

Back-up data means you copy the data in the computer (or tablet, smartphone ...) of you and store it somewhere else, just in case your computer is having problems, such as corrupt hard drive , severe viral infection, lost machine ... You will not worry about losing data on your computer because you can backup your data from the storage reserves.

The fastest way to back-up data is the use of removable drives, portable hard drives, USB or even a DVD, VCD. However this is the traditional way has become obsolete, because the risk of data loss due to physical causes can also occur with major mobile storage devices of this, not to mention the cost of purchase Shopping is not cheap and the storage capacity is limited.

Windows has a program that allows backup and restore of data files on the computer, however, this process takes time, high-volume backup makes your hard drive will be inflated. Very few people use this method.

Today, with the explosion of the internet, people have said the main advantage of the "cloud" on the internet to protect the safety of your valuable data.

Online back-up, storage trends on internet

Cloud computing was born, allowing businesses and individuals to store their data and computer files over the Internet using a hosting service provider, rather than storing data locally set on a physical disk, computer hard drives. Online Back-up has the advantage that can be accessed from anywhere, from any computer or mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), as long as there is internet connection.

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