1. What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server is a virtual server is initialized from a virtualized infrastructure have the processing power and high security. This infrastructure consists of multiple physical servers linked together, each server (or server group) plays a distinct function: compute, storage, firewalls, load balancing, redundancy, data backup ...

FAQS about Cloud Server

What makes Cloud Server dominant outperformed VPS virtual server high availability is not dependent on one by physical servers separately as VPS Free. Infrastructure virtualization allows servers manually switch, replaced in the event of a server failure, the system enables continual operations, maximize uptime of Cloud Server.

2. Is the Cloud Server Infrastructure?

Designed by a team of the most experienced engineers, everything about the infrastructure of the Cloud Server is designed to deliver outstanding platforms, and reliable for all individuals, businesses large and small. The focus on core values rather than profit is maintained through each class of service:

The infrastructure layer of virtualization creates Cloud Server

3. Possibility of Cloud Server VPN support?

Cloud Server support site-to-site VPN allows you to secure connections between the Cloud Server environment and an on-site VPN connections:

. Use technology of VMware vShield Edge.
. IPsec-based VPN IKE procedure.
. Using the VPN firewall.
. Tunnel between site-to-site and client-to-site.
. Managed by intermediary services.

4. Possibility of Cloud Server backup?

Developed based on cloud computing technology to external data backup offsite regime, Cloud Server also has the backup onsite, ensure that data from the server of the customer is always absolutely safe. There will not be a case of data loss due to user error, corrupted hard drive, virus attack ... All data is automatically backed up in the cloud.

5. Functions and uses of the Cloud Server?

- Host game (game server).
- Backup your data.
- Store multiple service website (website sales, e-commerce sites, forums, websites have massive traffic ...)
- Development platform.
- Server for enterprise email systems.
- Running direct communications program.
- Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research ...
- Storage of data: documents, photos, videos ...

6. Management Protocol Cloud Server

- Management via the Web interface.
- Management Protocol Connection (Remote Desktop for Windows, SSH for Linux ...) right from the terminal like a PC, tablet, smartphone ...

7. Cloud Server supports what operating system?

Unlike VPS, all VPS on the same physical server must use the same operating system, the Cloud Server supports various operating systems, regardless of the operating system of the Cloud Server other.

The operating system of Cloud Server templates include: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix.

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