In the past few years, cloud computing has created a revolution in the computer industry, a fundamental change of use of resources, operational structure as well as the storage, distribution and information processing. Most of us are already using one or more of the service applications of cloud computing technology in everyday life as well as in business management.

Cloud Computing

So cloud computing (cloud computing) is what?

Cloud Computing, also known as virtual server computing, the computing model using computer technology and Internet-based development. The term "cloud" here is the word metaphor for the Internet (based on how the layout of it in computer network diagrams) and as an associate on the complexity of the infrastructure contained in it .

In this computing model, all possibilities related to information technology are supplied in the form of "service", allowing users to access technology services from a certain provider "in cloud "without having to have the knowledge and experience that technology, nor does it care about the infrastructure service that technology.

How Cloud computing operations?

Imagine you are the CEO of a large company. Your responsibility includes the need to ensure that all employees have all the hardware and software needed to cater for the job. Buy a computer system is still not enough, you also have to buy extra software and soft copies of legitimate software anymore. Whenever a new employee, you also have to buy new software or to transfer the software copyright license current for new users. All of which is quite troublesome, time-consuming and less expensive not your money.

And that's when you need to cloud computing. Instead of installing a suite of software for each computer, you just need to install an application / program for that computer. Applications / programs will allow your employees log into Web-based system, which contains all the programs they need for their work. Servers remotely operate the system owned by another company, can help your employees run everything from e-mail to word processing programs to complex data analysis. See also: Virtual Dedicated Server
cloud computing

In cloud computing system, the workload is significantly changed. Computers in business you no longer have to do all the heavy work, such as running applications, heavy program. Instead, computer networks that make up the cloud will take on the work process them, help you save a lot of costs for hardware and software. The only thing that computer users need to be able to run software is the interface to be able to use cloud computing system, which can be as simple as a Web browser, and network cloud take on the rest.

Most of us are already using cloud computing, but not everyone can understand it. Services Web-based e-mail such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail is the most common application of cloud computing technology. Instead of running an e-mail program on your computer, you log on to an e-mail account through the internet remotely. The software and storage for your account does not exist on your computer - it's on cloud computing services.

Advantages of the Cloud Computing?

Thus, before to be able to deploy an application (eg a web page), you should go buy / rent one or more servers (server), then place in the hosting data center (data center), now cloud computing allows you to reduce the purchasing strategy / rent go. You just mentioned your request, the system will automatically pick up the free resources gathered to meet your requirements. Therefore, it is possible to mention a few basic benefits of cloud computing as follows:

Using the computing resources: 

Resources are allocated to businesses exactly what businesses want an immediate way by mobilizing free resources available on the internet.

Reduce costs: 

Enterprises will be able to cut the cost to purchase, install and maintain the resource. Instead, they only need to determine your needs and then request the service provider cloud conduct.

Reducing complexity in the structure of the business: 

The outsourcing the job to establish and operate the IT apparatus, the enterprise will focus on the production of goods and their expertise and reduce complexity in structure.

Increased use of computing resources: 

One of the questions headache of investing resources (eg servers) is how long it will be fully depreciated, I invested so profitable or not, was outdate technology or not. When using resources on cloud computing, you do not have to care about this anymore.

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