9 Reasons You Should Transfer From VPS to Cloud Server

1. Automatically backup

If you are a server administrator, you may want it to work 24/7/365? Sure! Ready 100% is what all of us are keen on hosting.

If you use VPS, this is difficult because of the nature desired VPS is initiated and depends entirely on the physical server, so when the physical server fails, make sure your VPS will stop functioning . 

Which for physical servers, there are countless reasons for it stops working even when you have the best defense such as power outages, hardware failures, natural disasters, virus ...

If you are on the "cloud", then you'll never have to worry about its readiness for Cloud Server nature does not depend on a separate physical server at all. When a physical server in the server cluster infrastructure make up the cloud fails, the fallback mechanism to allow different physical servers automatically replaced, ensure that the system is always ready.

2. The benefits of flexibility

Currently you need as many resources for your data? After 1 year you'll need much more? 3 years? 5 years? ...

Maybe you will quickly answer the first question and difficult to answer these questions behind. Market, policy and technology and will develop and affect your business, you can not know the future its size will expand to where. For VPS, resources of one physical server are limited and must be shared for many different clients, if you want more then to switch to a different physical server, this will take time , your service will be interrupted. As for Cloud Server, expand or shrink the resources are unlimited and implemented almost immediately. Thus, despite a plan, your development strategy in the future how the Cloud Server still meet.

3. Resource really

Did you know that when using VPS, the amount of resources you have to pay to use are not secured? 

Because many VPS are located on the same physical server, so when a customer needs on same node with greater resources that you are allowed to use them, they will have to encroach into your VPS, your server will be a shortage of resources, especially during peak hours.

With Cloud Server, you do not need to worry about that because your resources are not shared with anyone and activities of other servers without any impact to your Cloud Server.

4. Performance

It is no coincidence that the "cloud" has become the trend in our era and is used in almost all fields. Cloud computing technology based on distributed architecture, utilizing idle resources to focus their place of work handling needs are elsewhere. Great computing speed that is what an ordinary VPS can not give you.

5. Safety Data

A physical server can be protected no matter how well the inevitable physical threats lead to damage or failure and you are at risk of losing data. On the other hand, if the virus attack on the customer's VPS on the same node with you then make sure your VPS will also be affected.

But once they use technology, "cloud" actually reputable vendors, you can rest assured that your data is backed up online and offline, so the hard drive failure, natural disasters, Despite occurring virus also does not affect your data safe.

6. Absolute Privacy

Among the security measures of a physical server and a security system of infrastructure virtualization tech, you choose?

7. Easy Management

You always want to control their servers but not often that you have in the office. Advantages of the "cloud" is that you can access from anywhere, whether in the office, on the road or at home can also track your Cloud Server. The Cloud Server provider will usually provide different management methods for you from the port to the protocol API website as Remote Desktop, SSH, or even on mobile devices. That's what the VPS providers can not be done.

8. Use any operating system templates that you want

For different VPS on the same physical server, require you to share a OS. When you want to switch operating systems, you need to be moved to a different physical server, VPS's activities will be interrupted.

Cloud Server allows optional operating system because it does not depend on the Cloud Server other. Want to switch from Windows to Linux or any other operating system? This will be done very easily and quickly.

9. Save

The flexibility in expanding and narrowing of Cloud Server resources will lead to economic benefits for you. You only pay for the resources you actually need and use, avoiding useless waste.

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