Download League Of Legends Offline Mode for PC

League Of Legends Offline doesn't exist - League of Legends is an online Game that was released in 2009; the developers of the game (Riot Games) have decided that the game players need to be connected to the internet, even if they are only playing against. The reason could be that they want to keep people in their ecosystem and keep their profit positively. The problem is that if you were able to play it offline, you would eliminate the protection piracy that LOL runs, and be able to use any characters with any costume that you wanted to use without paying for it, ruining Riot’s business model since the game is after all, free to download. Therefore in the near future, League of Legends will not release any Offline version for game players. However, there is now another PC game, totally similar to LOL and maybe called League Of Legends Offline, is Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes where they provide offline version for players.

Download League Of Legends Offline Mode for PC

About League Of Legends Offline - Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes

The game is set in Elemental, a world once filled with magic that used to house magnificent civilizations. The Fallen Enchantress is a fantasy strategy game where players can build a new empire in a magic world, they also have to confront new horrors like Liches, brood hunters, banshees and the dreaded Hergon, complete quest and discover the secrets in order to rule the world of Elemental. Fallen Enchantress has a built in "workshop" allowing the user to modify the game. Tiles, maps and factions are among the many things can be changed, and modifying the xml-scripts directly opens many possibilities.

The highlight features of League Of Legends Offline - Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes

The allowing the users to create their own significantly larger, more detailed world with play through can last anywhere from two to seven hours is one of the favorite feature of the game. Besides, The Fallen Enchantress also has a graphical overhaul that its randomly generated maps create the dynamic and alive feeling for the users.

Beside the real-time strategy style, The Fallen Enchantress also has the attractive turn-based fighting. With the advantages in term of quantity as well as quality of the characters, every confrontation turns to be an amazing display.

There are not so many complain about the graphic of The Fallen Enchantress. They have high details with the harmony design; landscape comes together with the impressive fighting effect system.

The highlight features of Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes

In conclusion

With such advantages, the Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes is a recommended game for those who love real-time strategy game. Let’s add this game to your game collection and enjoy their fascinating titles as soon as possible. 

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